I was thinking today that for some reason I have a bit more energy on Wednesdays than other days. Maybe because it is the busiest day of the week for our family. Greg is at work in Redmond, the kids have late start at school (that’s a story in and of itself that I’ll save for later), I have girl scouts which means I am generally running around like a chicken with my head cut off getting ready, there is Activity Days for Atalie, Scouts for Keegan, YM for Cameron, YW for Colleen, oh, and Mom & Me Luncheon. Whew. So, since I’m working on a burst of energy on Wednesdays I think I’ll make it my blog day.
This week is deliver girl scout cookie week! Atalie sold over 150 boxes so now the sorting, delivering and gathering of money begins. We don’t do booth sales in our troop because we feel like it’s wrong to teach the girls not to talk to strangers but they should be cute and sell cookies to them once a year. Our troop still did pretty well, almost $600 is going into our troop account!
Colleen is going to her first Tolo this Friday, with a group of girls. She doesn’t want to stay too late, she just wants to go see what it is all about. Which is fine because the next day she’s got EFY in Auburn. This will be her first one so I’m very excited for her. She isn’t as thrilled, but I think that will change once she gets there.
We were going to try to make it back over to the in-laws in Leavenworth for their branch carnival but with such a busy weekend for Colleen we’re going to have to pass.
Greg’s birthday is coming up next month. We think we’re going to go to Crab Pot for dinner then to Theatre Sports in downtown Seattle. It’s a great improv place we haven’t been to in forever!