Month: June 2010

I’m Fluent in Teenage-ese

I love the movie “10 Things I Hate About You”. In fact, my Aunt Sara and I can put the movie on mute and pretty much recite the whole darn thing. I have many favorite parts, but lately one has been sticking out in my mind.

For those of you not familiar with the flick, shame on you. However, I will overlook it and catch you up to the quote that cracks me up. Bianca Stratford can’t date until her socially inept older sister, Kat, does. Kat doesn’t care about dating and has an interesting detest for the opposite sex in general. Binaca is starving for a social life and has convinced Kat to go out with a guy a couple times so Bianca could be her natural self, a social butterfly. So, Bianca wants to go to prom, but Kat is against the whole thing and refuses to go. Bianca pleads to her father, who is an OBGYN and never lets the girls forget it, to let her go without Kat. Now, you are caught up to the conversation that has had me giggling on the inside for the past couple of days.

Walter Stratford: Do you know what happens at proms?
Bianca: Yes, we’ll dance, we’ll kiss, we’ll come home. It’s not quite the crisis situation you imagine.
Walter Stratford: Kissing? That what you think happens? I’ve got news for you. Kissing isn’t what keeps me up to my elbows in placenta all day long.
Bianca: Can we, for two seconds, ignore the fact that you’re severely unhinged and discuss my need for a night of teenage normalcy?
Walter Stratford: What’s normal? Those darn . . . Dawson’s river kids sleeping in each other’s beds and what not?
Bianca: Daddy, that is so not . . .
Walter Stratford: I’ve got news for you. I’m down, I’ve got the 411, and you’re not going out and getting jiggy with some boy, I don’t care how dope his ride is. Momma didn’t raise no fool.

At this point Bianca is completely frsutrated with her father and storms off.

So, Walter, I too am down. I know that when I see “Spencers” written on my grocery list that I need to get bananas. I know that when my kids ask to “spover” at a friend’s, that they need to pack a toothbrush and clean clothes. I m gud @ txtin’ 2 let kids know, ‘u r l8!’ and other similar phrases. When Colleen and Cameron see a ‘big bird’ they think that Greg and I are being too affectionate. As if!

I may have become my parents in thinking that my kids’ music is ‘just noise’ and wonder how they can understand anything the artist is singing, or be repeating the same things my parents did when I was a teen;”did you brush your teeth? are you wearing deoderant? what time will you be home? who are you going to be with? will there be adults there? remember who you are! where are your manners?” etc. But I am grateful that when I am a bit confused with what is going on in my own home to the spawn I created and am raising to someday become me (ha, ha, ha!) that they are willing to catch me up. Keep me down with the 411 and whatnot. I love that they aren’t embarrassed of me and still invite friends to come over. So I can show off my sick conversing skills. 🙂

On The Shoulders of Giants

Typically speaking 14 year old boys don’t understand their fathers. And vice versa. Greg and Cameron are no different. They don’t have huge arguments, but Cameron tests his boundaries, and Greg puts his foot down.
Then again, in moments like this, they totally get each other.

Commercial Break

Now a message from my ‘business’ side . . .

I have been a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator for over 10 years now. My sister recruited me when she moved from the Seattle area and gave me her customers, who quickly became good friends. Most things in paper crafts are constantly changing but one thing that you can be certain of is this; the beginning of June marks a sad day in the Stampin’ Up! catalog. So many goodies are retired and are in need of a loving home. You can make this month a happy day for several stamp sets, ribbons, buttons, cardstaock, wheels, home decor (vinyl) and so much more! Grab the items you love before they’re gone. And yes, rumor is correct, there are more than 20 colors that will be leaving. Stock up! Then, after we’ve mourned any losses, we’ll all take our big girl pills, buck up a little bit, and be ready to welcome in the new sets, the new accessories, the new vinyl, *and* the new colors starting in July. They are all proving to be sassy, vibrant, and a lot of fun to play with. I can’t wait to go to convention in July to see designs and learn new things from the best of the best. Yippee! The 2010-2011 Idea Book and Catalogs will be ready the first part of July and I will be selling them to you as soon as I can get my hands on them. Reserve your copy now! Book a workshop or host a Stamp-A-Stash (e*mail me for details) to get a jump start on your wish list. I’d love to help you with your card making and scrapbooking projects. And SU! has a recruiting special right now as well. (scroll down a bit, you’ll see it) This doesn’t happen very often!

If you can’t tell, I am very excited about what is coming up as far as my hobby goes. I am no longer in denial thinking what I do is a business. Ha! I don’t make money! I do it because it feeds my soul and I get to hang out with some incredibly creative people who never cease to inspire me. Besides, it’s a lot less expensive and more fun than therapy. I don’t fool myself into thinking that I am going to recruit the world. I don’t pressure people into parties or orders or anything that they don’t want to do. I just like to let people know and see what I do and if it suits them then GREAT! I may not be as successful as some stay-at-home business women, but this is how I prefer it.

So I say, bon voyage old! Bring on the new! 🙂

Scriptures and Children (okay, and ME)

I have been looking for places to go to keep the scriptures interesting and tangible for my kids. It helps them (and me) learn more if there is some interaction. I thought I would share with you what I’ve found. This is the first one that I am excited about.
The Book of Mormon for Toddlers
This next one even has a Scripture Reading Challenge for the summertime. Sweet!
Scriptures 4 Kids
I’m going to keep an eye out for more, but these 2 are a great start. Do *you* have any suggestions for me?