I’m Unbalanced

When my kids say something mean to each other they are to turn right back around and say 3 things that they like about that person.  When *I* put someone down or am skeptic about something, I try to do the same thing.  Colleen would call this the antidote to being allergic to” Negative Nancy’s”.  Well, today my head was full of fears.  Too many fears.  Maybe if I get them out, then try to think of things that I am *not* afraid of, then those pesky little thoughts will  go ~poof~ and be gone.  Leaving my head to be filled up with more happy and productive things.  So, rather than hold them inside and possibly have my head explode, I decided to share them with you.  Aren’t you the lucky ones?

Here we go:  I am scared of:

  • outliving my kids
  • missing my chance
  • heights, hey, I tried to be original but this is what’s real
  • failure
  • not becoming who He knows I can be  (I guess this can go with failure)
  • being the Girl Scout mom who looks like she had to sample multiple boxes of cookies to make sure they are alright before she will let her daughter sell them
  • not being accepted for who I really am, and that I will forever have to wear this mask
  • Kate Gosselin
  • burning or drowning
  • not being needed or having a purpose
  • coconut bras
  • feeling alone

There are more, but I’m going to spare you.  Now, if I were to hold myself accountable to the 1:3 ratio I would have to tell you 36 positive things, or things that I am not scared of.  I tried, but I just couldn’t get there.  Here is what I *did* come up with though.  Let’s celebrate the baby steps, shall we?  I am *NOT* scared of:

  • standing up for my kids
  • knowing what will happen to me and my family after we die
  • trying new foods
  • cockroaches (this makes up for my thing for heights)
  • flying
  • giving hugs
  • going BIG or going home
  • pickled okra
  • showing my passion
  • my husband’s driving
  • getting involved when I need to
  • storms  (like the TX kind)
  • karaoke

So what are some things that YOU aren’t scared of?  Come, on, maybe I won’t be scared of it either and I can add more to my list.  I always like to have the scale unbalanced.  Leaning more on the side of good.  Sometimes, I – okay, a lot of us – need to have others to help tilt that scale.

5 comments on “I’m Unbalanced

  1. Kate August 31, 2010 4:10 AM

    IDK ~ it is brave of you to have a blog and transform the idea of being “unbalanced” into a “good” thing. Three positives for every one negative? That is a whole new take on the idea of being unbalanced and I like it.

    To be scared or fearful means that I am not choosing the most loving path. Any fear can be overcome with Love. Is Love = 1 negative + 3 positives?

    You amaze me. Thank you for BEing. xoxo k~

  2. Andrea Barton August 31, 2010 2:22 PM

    I love you Mandi!

    (Not much time ATM I’ll post my reply later 🙂

  3. Greg Deputy September 2, 2010 4:48 AM

    i’m scared of Kate Gosselin too! I think she has lots of kids because she plans on eating them.

  4. Ali September 6, 2010 2:29 AM

    i’m not scared of:
    being the center of attention
    being silly
    admitting that i’m wrong
    enjoying life
    a challenge

    there. that covered two of them.

  5. mandi September 6, 2010 6:19 AM

    (Ali, look! Your comment is there!) I am grateful that you are not scared of those things because they are what draws me to you and makes me smile. 🙂

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