Things To Do In The Dark

I just found something that makes me laugh everytime I see it.  And it’s been a while since it’s been packed away in a box for a, well, let’s say a few months and leave it at that.  So today when I read it I laughed doubly hard.  Sometime last Fall/Winter the electricity went out, ans stayed out for about 3 days.  Okay, probably not that long but it felt like it.  Leave me alone.  Anyway, I think I was getting grumpy, and my daughter, Colleen, was getting bored.  Colleen is my 16 year old daughter who was born to raise me.  She decided that it was time to kill two birds with one stone.  Somewhere she found a bag of M&M’s.  (which she every now and again calls NmN’s just like when she as little.  So cute don’t ya think?)  and she ate them.  Rude.  Then she did this: 

I know, you can’t read it so I’ll tell you what it says:  M&M Personalities

Blue – friends with everybody, hippie like, peace maker, music & dance lover

Green – stuck up, party animal, sometimes jealous,  loves attention but gets it in wrong ways, knows how to throw a party

Brown – shy, nerdy like, eager to please, puts things aside “I’ll do it later”, smart, doesn’t like attention

Yellow – sassy!, will always be a good friend, very creative, nice and sensitive to others, pragmatic, a leader

Orange – good listener, gives good advice but needs a second opinion when they make their own choices, helpful but doesn’t need the praise or attention when doing things for others

Red – has a bad temper, controling, in style, has a low self esteem but is popular by using their charms

Good huh?  As the night wore on and we had the fire lit for #1 light and #2 warmth, she shared this thought out process with me.  The rest of the night we spent contemplating which colors would make good relationships, great relationships, and toxic relationships.  And then comparing the traits she dubbed on the M&M’s to how the personalities work in our family.  It was a very fun night. (yes, that is a valid phone number at the bottom, but Greg may get pretty irritable if you use it.)

And if you thought that this post, “Things To Do In The Dark” had anything to do with other than what I have shared with you, shame.

2 comments on “Things To Do In The Dark

  1. mandi August 21, 2010 6:34 AM

    Disclaimer: I have just been taken off a medication (YAY!) that seems to have left me a little dyslexic or jumbled when it comes to words. You should hear me try to talk! So when I hit Spell Check, I expect it to catch *everything*. How wrong I am. Forgive me for the mess I type! I will get better! 🙂

  2. Serena August 23, 2010 2:47 AM

    WOW… Go Colleen!!!!! She is a smart cookie and I bet will make great decisions in friendships and love!!! Way to go Greg and Mandi!

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