They Call Them Jell-OMellows

I am *so* stinking behind in blogging.  My apologies.  Or did ya even miss me?  Hmmm.

I have a lot to report on –  end of school year for the kiddos, busy schedules, summer goals, Conlin Chaos came to visit with the Franklin Clan, Fourth of July, Road Trip planning . . . I’ll save you from a massive post and split them up.

But first, a treat recipe.  You know how I love my treats!  Especially when they are simple, I have the ingredients, and they are super yummy.  This one is just that. Mainly marshmallows dipped in Jell-O and Voila!  They are super addicting, be warned.  Well, they have been for us.

I need to give credit where credit is due so head on over to Just A Pinch for the recipe and the specifics of how to put them together.  I love that website!

Here are pictures of us making them.



Thanks to my little helpers, Atalie and Griffin.  You guys did a great job keeping the mess to a minimum!