In 1992 this happened:Greg and I got married.

In 1994 that turned to this:

And that turned into this:

That bundle of cuteness took four days to come out.  Four.  Days.  I’ll save you the pictures but can you say, conehead?  She made up for the horrible labor and delivery by being this:

and this:

Nothing but Cute-ness.  With a healthy dose of stubborn-ness mixed in for entertainment.

Then, in 1996, that became this:

Her long lasting carreer as big sister.  This baby was born to her the same day Cameron was born to mommy and daddy.  We had a glimpse of it then, but didn’t realize just how great a big sister she would be.

Then, somehow, in the blink of an eye, that became this:

How. Did. That. Happen?  1994 wasn’t that long ago, was it?  I mean really, I don’t feel like it was.  But the proof is in front of me.  I don’t know where she came from or what we did right, but I am grateful for it.  And, as I look at all of my kids, I can see that Greg and I are blessed beyong what we expected.  I may not recognize each action as a blessing, but kids are challenges.  They are also rewards.

Happy birthday Colleebear!