It’s A Blog Eat Blog World

I have enriched my sitting on the couch time lately with browsing through various blogs. (notice how I made my laziness seem productive?) Have you done this? Well, do it when you don’t care what time it is or when you have other engagements to tend to. Like going to the bathroom or feeding your children. Pop some popcorn, cube some cheese, and slice up an apple – a well balanced meal you don’t have to feel guilty of while you ‘research’ all there is out there.

What I have found is that perhaps I’m not a very good blogger. I mean, there are some people out there that offer up templates on how to make your own swinging bed (yes, I’ll be making one cause they’re so cool) there are people who teach you how to turn rummage sale finds into things that look like you paid high prices for them. There are sewers that want me to make a monkey felt hat for my kids this winter. And perhaps even send them out as gifts. If I sewed I’d be tempted. But I can’t even thread my machine let alone run the thing! I’ve downloaded recipes for a lime chicken marinade, laundry detergent that fits in a 5 gallon bucket and makes over 600 loads worth. I have been shown how to do behavior boards, ribbon clips, and the perfect tie for the little man in my life. Brain Freeze!!!

Is this what blog seekers want in a blog? I’m not good at anything enough to teach it to you. Besides, you probably already know how to do everything I know how to do and I’d be thoroughly embarrassed to she you my way. The only thing that I feel I have done a superb job on is my kids. And I sure as heck ain’t gonna teach you how to do that! I love blogs that let me into peoples’ lives so that I can feel a comraderie. I want to know about people’s everyday struggles and how they overcome them. I like to read my friend Ali’s blog because she leads an ordinary life but the way she writes about it has me laughing so hard I cry! (Her button is on the left, The View From the Johnson’s) I also love to read that another one of my friends writes. I’ve never met him, but he has taken me in somewhat like a sister. He does something new every Monday then reports about it. I live vicariously through him.

I may throw in a “How-To” every now and again, or a recipe that my family really enjoys. But don’t decide to stick around because of those. I hope that this “Mandi Unplugged” blog puts a smile on your face just because I am a normal person living a normal life and you connect with that. Then pass me along to your friends because, to be honest, my self esteem rises a little bit everytime I get another ‘follower’. 🙂 I want to have a big-kid blog. So when I see comments and new people here that I’ve never met before, it makes my heart say, “They like me! They really *like* me!”