{Sweet} Little Miss Atalie Bug

Dear Kristan,

My 10 year old daughter is celebrating her ½ birthday tomorrow.  It’s an excuse for us all to don our party hats and have more desserts.  No presents because seriously, I can barely afford my Skor bars right now, let alone throw a huge party and give gifts.  Sad for her but I tried to make it up to her by making cupcakes.  That’s how I roll.  Sad?  Here’s a cupcake.  Overwhelmed?  Here’s a cupcake.  Excited?  Cupcake.  Angry?  Cupcake.  You get the picture.


Atalie, my 10 year old (soon to be 10 *½*) doesn’t care for frosting.  WHA?!?!?!  I know, but I didn’t want to send unfrosted, naked cupcakes to school for her treat.  What kind of mom does that show I am?  A halfasser, that’s what kind.  And I am NOT a halfasser.  So, after much chatting about her treat she asked if she could take over and create something on her own.


{chorus singing}




Atalie’s Smore Cupcakes have now been born!  Appropriate for a ½ birthday don’t ya think?


I ran out of cupcakes before I ran out of frosting, I hate when that happens, and while I have a friend willing to take this burden from me I now have a ton of Marshmallow Cream Frosting sitting in my fridge.  Yet, I also have a packet of graham crackers in my pantry.  Hmmm . . .


We’ll chat soon, I hear some leftovers calling my name.


4 comments on “{Sweet} Little Miss Atalie Bug

  1. Christine February 8, 2011 9:20 AM

    I knew I liked Atalie the best for some reason. I too HATE frosting! In fact, when I bake a cake, I leave half of it unfrosted. When I buy a cake, I scrape off the frosting and throw it in the trash. The same is said for sugar cookies (Lofthouse cookies only) and oreos. I use a knife and to the best of my ability will scrape off all he frosting while leaving as much of the cookie behind. I know that I am weird, but that is what makes me special, cool and most loved. :0)

  2. Susan February 8, 2011 11:55 AM

    I am not wild about frosting either… go Atalie! But, I love s’mores. You and Greg are trying to do me in with all this chocolate. Great idea for her 1/2 birthday treat. Happy Half Atalie!

  3. Andrea Barton February 8, 2011 3:27 PM

    Thoes look SUPER delicious!

  4. Colleen February 10, 2011 3:50 AM

    Once again, yum!!!!!!!!

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