To Miss Or Not To Miss?

This is what I woke up to this morning. I didn’t think it would bother me, but looking at Colleen’s phone by the charger hit me. It meant that she wasn’t here, and that she wasn’t going to be for a few days. Along with that realization came the reality that Cameron too was gone. Colleen off to Girls Camp with the girls from our church, and Cameron off to new adventures with his friends at Scout Camp. 5 days without teenagers. 5 days without the non-stop, “Mom, what if . . . .what would you do?” or “Mom, would you rather . . . . or . . . .? Why?” (Those conversations give me a headache.) 5 days without teenagers. 5 days without babysitters. 5 days of not having Cameron clean the kitchen and Colleen do the laundry. 5 days without teenagers. Do you see me trying to figure out which way I sway? My brain may work overtime on trying to figure it out. But my heart knows exactly which side of the fence it sits. I miss them. I miss how they don’t fight with each other, how they make each other giggle and smile, how reluctantly they help with the youngers, and how, in their own ways, contribute to our family. I am *not* their friend yet, I am still their parent, but I enjoy their company and how they make me feel when they hang out in the same room I’m in.

Have fun my sweet teens! Relax and enjoy yourselves to the fullest. You deserve it!