Flix, Clicks, and Fridges

I’ve had a difficult time with the site this week.  I am not thankful for that.  Grr.  But I think things are better.  Here is what I’ve been grateful for:

Love me some Netflix!  I am a movie junkie.  If I even think I’m going to like a movie I buy it.  Or I used to.  With Netflix I can watch it, keep it and send it back when I’m ready.  Sometimes it’s the next day.  Sometimes, like in the case of Jane Eyre, I have kept a movie up to 6 months.  Okay, that was only with Jane Eyre.  (yes, I bought it and still watch it quite a bit.  In closed captioning even.)  Greg and I like to give a subscription to Netflix to newly married couples too.  Oh, and now that you can do an instant viewing on a lot of movies, we can watch something right when we feel like it, keep it in our que and watch it over and over again without having to deal with a disc.  (Hello BBC version North & South)

Hey, husbands out there, garages truly are for vehicles.  Well, they should be.  Especially if you live out here in the Pacific Northwest where it drizzles rains quite a bit and a person might have to drag kids or groceries or something else in and out from the car.  In our experience it’s just safer to keep the cars put away.  Since we got to design our home with an architect, we made sure we had a two car garage that we could park the car and suburban in as well as another one car garage for Greg’s toys.  I am so grateful that we did that.  Truth be told, right now the vehicles aren’t in the garage because we are still unpacking our crap priceless items since we’ve moved.  I still love my garage door opener though.  Click.

We have had this fridge for at least 10 years.  It’s a hand-me-down.  It’s got a dent in the handle, is a pain in the butt to clean, has broken pieces, and really isn’t big enough to hold everything a family of seven needs.  But, it works, it may not match the other stainless steel appliances we have, but it matches the ivory cabinets of the island.  There are other things I’d rather spend our money on so this fridge is going to stay right where it is.  While it may not be the most recent model, I love the fact that it is our message center.  The heart of our kitchen.  It doesn’t hold as many magnets and drawings as it used to, but the best thing about it is I can write on it with a dry erase marker.  Yippee!  We write notes to each other, leave phone messages, and best of all keep our grocery list on the front.  I take a picture of the list on my phone before we go grocery shopping so I have an easy referral to what we need.  Lazy?  I think more like brilliant.  (you know you’re going to do this now)

I may not get to blog things that I am grateful for as often as I would like, but the challenge of having an attitude of gratitude truly has opened my eyes to how many things make a  huge impact on my happiness.  And they aren’t always what I expect.  Funny how blessings work that way huh?