Looking Back on our Week . . .

The not so fun part of our week. Poor Griffin. Stomach Flu/dehydration is horrible! 3 bags of fluid later and he is on the mend. Whew!

We went and saw my Grandma Conlin (and Grandpa too) It was heart warming to see so many flowers throughout the cemetary. Happy Mother’s Day Grandma!

My crew at Cougar Mt. Park on Mother’s Day. I love that place. It’s where Greg proposed to me. We spent a lot of time there before we were married!

Atalie and me at the Mom & Me Breakfast that she planned with her awesome Activity Days group.
Lots of other things happened as well. We got our rock wall in the front yard done, now we just need to get plants in it. Colleen made first cut for Color Guard, last cut is this coming Wednesday. Keegan and Cameron conquered the MSP, we got to talk to our moms on Sunday and we went to visit my foster parents. The first time in many years. It was . . .well, I can’t put in to words exactly how amazing it was to be with them again.
Ain’t life good?