This is our pear tree. We planted it about a month ago. We can see it while we sit on the couch in our family room. Did you know that there is evidence that pear trees have been around since preshitoric times? Some have been cultivated in China for over 3000 years. Pears are native to countries such as China, Italy, the US, Spain, Argentina, South Korea, Turkey, Japan, South Africa, and the Netherlands. Pears will ripen faster if placed in a bowl next to bananas. Pears are excellent produers of fiber and Vitamin C. Pears are less allergenic than other fruits so are usually the first fruits introduced to infants. Pears can also be useful to treat the inflammation of mucus membranes, colitis, chronic gallbladder disorders, arthritis and gout. They are also beneficial in lowering high blood pressure and controling cholesterol levels. In ancient Greece pears were also used to treat nausea. The FDA have determined that eating an average sized pear will only cost you 100 calories and will provide you with 190 mg. of potassium, 6 g of fiber, 1 g of protein, and 2% of your daily calcium. Pear tree wood is the preferred material in making woodwind instruments and furniture.

Pear trees, in some countries, are also evergreens.

Amazing. All of this from something that started out looking like what we have in our yard.

But what has amazed me the most about our pear tree is it’s strength. It’s endurance and fight to survive. Yesterday we had gusts of wind up to 50mph. Some of the smaller cedar trees in our backyard looked like they were going to snap in the wind. Branches were flying everywhere, and my dog barked incessantly. But this pear tree stood it’s ground. The leaves were ruffled, but it stood still. Considering it’s root system is only 6-24 inches below the surface, and still building their foundation, I find this little tree to be quite inspiring. It’s roots will not go deeper than the 6-24 inches, but they will grow horizontally as far as the tree is high. Entwining with other shrub roots, roocks, and other things in the ground. It is this foundation that the tree depends on for it’s growth and success.

I am like this pear tree in one way that I can think of. I need to make sure that my roots are firm in a foundation that will help me grow and be successful too. One that will guarantee that after the ‘hail and mighty storm shall beat upon me, that it will have no power over me nor drag me down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which I have been built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if I build, I cannot fall.’ After everything is said and done, if I have built a relationship with my Father in Heaven, He will not let me snap in the wind. He will help me stand tall and firm.

How’s your root system?