FB, What *Are* You?

There’s been craze lately for people who want to reconnect, support, and keep up on the latest with others they have relationships with. A place where you can go and chat with people who make you laugh, feel good about yourself, and in general put a smile on your face. You can be yourself with those you choose to stay in contact with, you don’t have to put on a facade for those who annoy you or don’t lift your spirits becuase, quite frankly, you can choose who your friends are. Day or night you can find someone to talk to. Post pictures of the family for others to see and in return see pictures of people who have moved so many times your address book is unreadable for all the erasing you’ve done. Take a stroll down memory lane, vent frustrations and ask for advice, cry on someone’s virtual shoulder when life just isn’t going as planned, raise up another when they are having a difficult time.
I’ve been a part of this craze. For over a year I have reconnected with friends from high school, the group I hung around at church/youth camps/dances. Relatives that live far away, and even people I admired in high school but was never ‘cool’ enough to be a friend to. And I have become friends with some of their friends, that I have never met but have things in common with. Want to know what I’ve learned about these groups from high school? Without their brand name purses, high hair, and huge hooped earrings, they are just regular people like me. Raising their kids, loving their families, and trying to make it through life the best that they can. We’re all on the same level now, and I am enjoying their company as much as I always thought I would.
I have learned many things from this place I call an outlet. I have learned to be more empathetic, a little less serious, and how to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. I have laughed, I have definitely cried, and I have felt at peace there. But let me tell you what else I have learned from this place called “FB”.
I have learned that my daughter has a knack for budgeting her money. My son finds new music to try to learn on his guitar. My husband is really more humble than I give him credit for. I have seen happy faces at the sight of a lost platypus, heard the squeels of delight when a chicken coop has been completed, and the long serious chats between to sisters as they try to decide what outfit they should put on their virtual pet or redecorate their fish tanks. I love having the chat box open up with a “hi mom! how are you?”
I know that my friends on FB get tired of my posting special eggs, sending random hearts, asking for more chickens. (learn to hide applications my dear friends!) But I’m not going to give up those games that my children and I play together.
I am a good mother. Above average even. I play with my kids (we love games), I go outside with my kids, we watch movies/TV together, I help with homework etc. so I don’t want you to think that I am not hands on with them and the computer is our only source of communication. It’s just ‘another’ source of communication, and trust me, with teens you will take as many options as you can.
So, FB. What are you? What is your purpose? Why are you so addicting? To the general public your FB initials stand for FaceBook. A gathering of people that you don’t always get to see face to face, but whom you can remain close to. Exactly the reason why I also consider you a FamilyBond. I don’t substitute my computer for actual contact, but when their is no other way I will continue to use FB. Family far, and near can still be close thanks to technology.