Who Wears Short Shorts?

As Spring is approaching and the stores are lining their shelves with the new and upcoming fashions, I stand back and ask myself, “who wears some of this stuff?”. Okay, besides the size 2’s and the 10 year olds. And maybe some people who really shouldn’t be allowed to wear them.
We have taught our children to be modest in their dress. Nothing too short, too scoopy, to revealing, too tight etc. You feel how you are dressed, so if you are comfortable and appropriate then you will be on your best behavior, right? Okay, it was worth a shot.
So I look in a lot of places to buy Spring/Summer clothing. A lot of times I end up online. Especially for my teenaged daughter. Have you seen how flimsy some of those t-shirts truly are? Now we aren’t of the sort where we insist on our girls always be in dresses to their ankles and everything needs to be covered completely. Our kids wear shorts, thick strapped tank tops, and one piece bathing suits. Regular attire. When I was searching tonight for dresses for myself and Colleen I came upon a suggestion on visiting Mikarose. www.mikarose.com Great selection of modest yet trendy dresses, skirts, and tops. Great prices. I think I will become a regular.
Now I’d like to know, is there anyone else out there that feels that the runway has runout on modesty?

2 comments on “Who Wears Short Shorts?

  1. Crystal March 24, 2010 4:51 AM

    completely gone. I don't understand who wears the stuff they model anyways. Seriously a girl can not walk around high school in a skirt that doesn't cover her butt and not get a bad rep. Sad.

  2. Mandi August 7, 2010 1:21 AM

    so true . . .so true.

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